Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the retainer to hold a date for a session?

Is Film Video?  

Do you charge a sitting fee?

Can I bring my dog?

Do you travel?  If so, how much do you charge.

How much is it to add film to my session?

What kind of film do you use?

Can you shoot my session in all film?  How much would that cost?

Can you shoot my lifestyle session in all digital?  How much would that cost?

Your pricing is out of my  budget, when are your mini sessions?

Under $500 or under session-  $100 Retainer.  Anything over $500 is 1/3 the cost of the session.  

No.  Film is analog film photography in 35mm or 120 medium format.

Families up to 6 people are included in the price.  Each extra person is $25.  

1 dog is included in the fee if meeting at a location.  More than one pet will be an extra fee of $25.  If your location is at your home, then you are allowed have as many pets in a lifestyle session.  

Yes, I do travel.  I do charge a travel fee to cover my flights, transportation fees, and lodging.   A minimum must be met for me to agree to travel to your destination.  For example  a session in  Sun Valley, Los Angeles, or Seattle must meet the minimum of $1400 and the cost to travel is  $600.    If I happen to be already visiting your city, then there would be no travel fee added.  Send me a message for a price quote here.  

$75 per roll of film for Portrait Sessions.
All lifestyle session include atleast 2 rolls of film.

I use Pro Film such as Kodak Portra 160, 400, and 800.  Other stocks maybe used depending on the situation.  

Yes, I can, but I would back up with digital for safety measures.  Portraits would start at $800 an hour.  Lifestyle sessions would start at $1000 for the first 1.5 hours.    

Yes. $600 for 1.5 hours.  

I'm sorry to hear that.  Photography is a big investment.  Fortunately, Mini Sessions are offered a few times a year.  Sessions are most frequent in the Fall and sometimes in the Spring.  If you would like to know more about dates, please sign up for my newsletter below.  


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